Street Fighter V Statue 1/6 Chun-Li 43 cm Expand

Street Fighter V Statue 1/6 Chun-Li 43 cm





Rendered in precise detail using the Street Fighter V 3D model itself, this high-quality collectible is the definitive Chun-Li collectible

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Product Size: 43 cm

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Chun-Li. Her name itself, translated as "A single young girl filled with the beauty of spring," is indicative of the character's great dichotomy, a symbol of ancient traditions in a 21st Century woman. Her trademark qipao, straight out of Manchuria's Daoguang Period, suggests traditional beliefs, while her contemporary combat boots tell opponents she is no shrinking violet. Her ox horn hairdress, silk ribbons and brocades evoke a young woman straight out of a classic Chinese painting, yet the head they adorn is a seasoned INTERPOL detective, doggedly devoted to justice.

Beyond just the first female character in the Street Fighter history, Chun-Li was the very first playable female character in any fighting game, ever. Her devastating Hyakuretsukyaku has been known to win pro tournaments, and no "Top Female Characters in Gaming" list is complete without her name at the top. Along with Ryu, she has appeared in every single franchise installment and spinoff, and cameoed in other series as varied as Onimusha and Little Big Planet. She can be found in Japanese gambling halls as the star of her own pachinko machine, and was the only Street Fighter character to headline a theatrical feature film.

In an era where female protagonists routinely head their own franchises, Chun-Li remains an icon.

Rendered in precise detail using the Street Fighter V 3D model itself, this high-quality collectible is the definitive Chun-Li collectible

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Product Size: 43 cm

Height (cm)43
Scale1/6 scale
ManufacturerPop Culture Shock PCS
Character FamilySTREET FIGHTER

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