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For a number of years now Funko has been a craze engulfing the world and there's no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

You cannot miss them, wherever you go in almost every store, rows of funko figures will be on display.

There's a few different options though that affect rarity and in turn the price.

Regular : These are the guys you see on the shelves of almost every store. You tend to pay about £9.99 for these regular versions.

Exclusive : These are variations of s regular figure and indeed can also be completely unique characters, they are called exclusives as they are offered by one store directly. It's a great marketing tool by stores to have these special Funko figures on offer to get people to visit the store chain. Exclusive versions will have some form of sticker on the box showing the store they are exclusive to or showing Exclusive to 'underground toys' which is the company that creates the alternate versions for just about every store chain.

Chase. For every box of 6 Funko figures a store purchases, one of them in the box will be a variation of the others. This is the chase version and is intended to be hidden on the shelves among the hundreds of other figures so that shoppers will look through the shelves to locate these chase versions. In reality though, many stores keep these chase versions behind the counter for staff or offer them at a much higher price. Chase versions will have a yellow sticker on the box clearly showing the word ÇHASE

Vaulted : Funko regularly Vault some of the figures meaning they will no longer be in production and so will become increasingly more difficult to find and likely more expensive to buy. There won't be a sticker on these declaring that they are Vaulted but if you visit funko.com you can search through the Vault to check if something is in there or not.

Value : As Funko figures are collectible, they can go up in value and of course down in value as well if not a popular figure. Some Funko figures can sell for thousands of pounds and it's very common to see figures worth far more than the typical £9.99 purchase price.

If you plan to collect these figures, it's very important that you keep the boxes in mint condition as dents, scratches and tears on a box can make the Funko less valuable to some collectors and could put off some purchasers completely. You can buy Funko protective cases for less than £1 online that will house your figure and box keeping them safe. The protective cases are clear so you can still display your figures.

We only sell Exclusive, Vaulted and Variant Funko figures. As mentioned above, these are rarer than your regular versions and so do cost a little more. They also have a stronger possibility of being worth more in the future :)

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