The UK left the single market on 2020 and as such EU customers will no longer pay VAT on their orders. You will instead pay your own country Taxes & Duties when you receive your order.

Most items are imported through Germany. We are still seeing large delays (About 3-4 weeks) in getting things transported to the UK once arriving in DE. This is linked to paperwork, borders and as if that was not enough, Lack of truck drivers to add to the mix !!!

With EU tax changes, we cannot at this time ship items with a value of less than £150 excl Tax and shipping to EU destinations. It would require us to have extra paperwork completed beyond the usual exporting forms and the cost of this makes it non viable. EU customers will see a shipping error when trying to do an order that contains an item below the required £. We hope this will change in the future.

Manufacturer prices are rising !!

You may have noticed lately that each time an item is released, the price seems to go up. Since Q4 2020 the cost to ship items in containers has risen 860% (Yes 860, not a typo) - Some distributors are paying in the region of £60k per container!. Both Manufacturers and distributors are unable to soak these costs up and so they pass them on to us and you. This basically translates in to about 4-5% price increase on each item which isn't too bad on lower value items but makes a huge difference on the more expensive items.

We hope that at some point in the future, everything calms down and prices start to fall again. For now though, we just wanted to highlight this problem, we are not trying to make a few extra £, the world is just really weird lately.

Distribution dates

Distribution across all manufacturers continues to be difficult and the distribution / release schedules continually change. We apologise if your item is delayed, this of course is beyond our control.

We continue to update the latest dates we have on the items page directly and for easier viewing we are moving the date to the 'Product Details' Tab. If you want to keep an eye on your estimated item arrival date, this Tab will be the place to browse.

Delays are also linked to the price rises message on this page. As the cost of shipping keeps rising, manufacturers and distributors try to use every cm2 of the container meaning they will wait for enough items to ship that fills every inch.

Dates are basically 'fluid' at the moment and the store dates are the absolute best dates that we have. We are unable to be any more precise we are sorry. When items arrive at the distributors, we do e-mail buyers directly as this is the first time we know exactly where the item is and how long it will be before you see it. 

Partial Payment Updates


New partial payment system is now active.

If you placed a partial payment order before this date, you will continue using the old system and the e-mail links as normal.

Partial Payments [How to]

Item Timers - What is this?

Every item has an 'official' pre-order window. A short period of time for us to place an order for requirements. When the pre-order window closes we can often still get items but the discounts are gone meaning it's more expensive to 'buy in' after that pre-order period.

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The timer shows the official pre-order window and what the price will  'After' this window closes which is the crossed out price.. Prices have always gradually risen but this is a way to broadcast the date so that you can grab any discounts before the pre-order window expires.

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