Flexible Monthly Partial Payments

No fees, no interest charges. The price you see is the price you pay!

How do I buy something on a monthly payment?

Below each product on the items product page, there is a partial payment section.

Every product may have slightly different choices as the choices available are based on the item release date.

When there are multiple payment length options available, a drop down menu will provide you with the options.

1. Choose your preferred payment option

2. Add your item to the cart and Continue shopping or proceed to checkout, On the final screen One of the payment options will be partial payment. Choose the partial payment option as your preferred payment method. If you have changed your mind and would like to pay in full, choose an alternative payment method.

3. Wait for your initial 10% payment invoice via email. This will arrive within 15 minutes, it's not instant.

The email has a link in it. Click the link in the email which will bring you to the store with your partial payment ready to be paid for through the checkout process as normal.

That's it! , super easy.

Initial payments need to be paid within 12 hours to confirm the order. If the payment is not made then the order will be cancelled automatically.

Regular monthly payments need to be paid within 30 days of receiving the email. The day you pay is entirely up to you as long as it's within 30 days of the email invoice being sent.

Payments are not taken automatically, you need to click the email link and do the checkout process. This makes the system incredibly flexible as you are not pinned down to a specific day each month.

Can I have more than one item on order using the monthly payment option ?


We do not limit the number of items you have on order. You know your own finances/budget.

I would love to buy something but would never pass a credit check

No problem, there are no credit checks as you are not taking out finance.

We are simply offering a really flexible, organised payment option.

When do I get the item?

We will ship the item(s) once we have received the final payment and the item is in stock/released.

Can I make larger payments to clear the balance?


The monthly payment is basically treated like an item in the store. You add it to your cart and checkout. If you want to pay a larger amount just add more of the monthly payments to your cart.

How do I make my monthly payments?

Each month a payment is due, you will receive an email with a link in it. It's the same type of email you receive for your initial payment. The link will bring you back to the store with the partial payment showing to you. It's represented by a Pie Chart type icon. Checkout as normal and choose your preferred payment method.

How do I see the status of my Order(s)?

In your statuesque account there is a partial payments section. This area is where you will be able to see all of your open partial payment orders,

The summary screen provides you with an order summary, order total and current unpaid balance. You will be able to see the partial payment length you chose, the most up to date expected release date for the item(s) and all of the payments you have made so far.

The summary screen will only show open partial payment orders. These are orders that either still have a balance to be paid and/or have not shipped yet.

Shortly after the item ships to you, the partial payment order will be considered complete and will vanish from your summary screen.

Can I cancel my order if real life gets difficult?

Of course you can, as per the terms of conditions though, cancelling an order after 7 days will mean you will lose your 10% deposit charge of the total value of the item. Any payments made beyond that initial 10% will be returned back to you again within 30 days.

My item was released earlier than expected, what happens now?

This is not a problem. There's basically 2 options.

1. You can continue paying monthly until the balance is paid and then we will ship the item to you

2. We can send you an invoice to cover the remaining balance so that we can ship the item to you sooner.

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