Choose your item

Items may have more than one payment term option. If multiple options are available, choose the one you want.

Payment options will show below the item on the product page.

The Default is the longest payment plan.


At the final  screen during checkout you will be able to choose your payment method.

Choose Partial Payment to pay with your payment plan

Choosing any other payment method will mean you will pay for the item in full straight away.

Make initial Deposit Payment

Shortly after checkout you will receive an email to make your initial payment. Click the link to be brought back to the store.

Partial Payment Payments should be paid for with credit/debit card options.

Future partial payments for your order will again be made via email links that you will receive when a payment is due.

About Partial Payments

We offer this convenient payment option on all items to help make collecting a little less expensive.

The partial payment system is not a loan or finance and so does not require credit checks. We only ask that you are sure that you can make the payments each month.*

The default partial payment option is timed to finish at the estimated arrival date for the item.

* If payments are not maintained and 2 or more are missed then the item will be unreserved and made available to all store visitors. If the item sells before payments are brought up to date your order will be cancelled. This will be done without notice as we consider the monthly invoice e-mail a reminder. Your initial deposit will be lost.

Please be aware that during the checkout process, one of the screens will show an option to pick a payment plan. Please ignore this new drop down as it is part of a future expansion/update to the partial payment system. Placing the partial payment order will be a process of just accepting the screens after reading them, no changes should need to be made by yourself as the partial payment will default to the longest term available.

Partial Payment Payments

All plans have an initial deposit to be paid to confirm the order.*

All Partial Payments are made through e-mail invoice links which will bring you back to the store to make the payment.

Keep an eye on junk/spam folders if you do not see a payment link e-mail arrive.

After checkout you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes. If you do not see an email arrive, please check junk/spam folders.

The Partial Payment system will then send an email link when the next payment is due each month.

Payments are not taken automatically and will require the link to be clicked and the payment made through the store checkout process manually.

*If no initial payment is received within 12 hours, the order will cancel automatically. You are able to do the order again if you still want the item.

Common Questions

* Can I pay the balance off sooner?

Yes : When partial Payment you can easily increase the cart quantity so instead of paying 1 payment, increase the cart qty to 3 for example to pay for 3 payments. You can also contact us directly and we will happily adjust an invoice total for you prior to you making that payment.

* When Do I get the item?

The item will ship once the balance is paid off in full and the item has released if not a stock item.

* Can I monitor the balance and payments made?

Yes: Use the partial payment summary page within your account HERE

* My item has released early, what now?

You can continue the monthly payment if you are in no rush to receive the item or we can create a final balance invoice for you - Your choice.

* My item release date is delayed, what now?

The payment plan at the time of ordering will continue and once the item releases we will ship it out to you as planned. We are unable to adjust the plan. Be aware that item release dates move forward and back often and so a delay now might not stay and the item could move forward in date in the future.

My invoice amount is much higher than it should be, why?

If the invoice amount for your partial payment is not what you expected, please contact us so we can have a look. If the system has made an error we can easily correct it.

I've missed some payments and my order is showing as unreserved, what does this mean?

The partial payment option is an organised way to pay monthly. If payments are not made each month then generally after 2 missed payments we will make your item available for all customers to buy. This means your order will be 'unreserved'. If you catch up with the payments before the item sells to someone else then it will revert back to 'Reserved' again. If the item sells , we will need to cancel your order for it and refund you your payments to date minus the non refundable deposit.

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