If you have an existing partial payment prior to 27.09.2021 you will continue to use e-mail links to pay as normal each time one is due. 

New partial payments will now work as follows.


Just below the add to cart button is the partial payment plan details available for the item.

The plan is based on the estimated release date for the item at the time of publication. As you make your last payment, the item should be about to release.


Complete the checkout process, Add personal details (Name / Address) if you have not already registered.

You will end up at the payment method section.

To pay monthly , please choose the partial payment option and also click the 'agree to the terms' box.

Payment options

If you choose any other payment method except partial payment , you will be paying for the item in full straight away, NOT monthly.

About Partial Payments

We offer this convenient payment option on all items to help make collecting a little less expensive. 

The partial payment system is not a loan or finance and so does not require credit checks. We only ask that you are sure that you can make the payments each month.*

The plan & payments cannot be modified. Please be sure everything suits you before using the partial payment option.

* If payments are not maintained then the item will be unreserved and made available to all store visitors. If the item sells before payments are brought up to date your order will be cancelled. This will be done without notice as we consider the monthly notification that a payment is due to be taken a reminder. Your initial deposit will be lost.

Common Questions

When will I get the item?

The item will ship when the balance is paid in full and the item releases and distributes to us. We always e-mail buyers as things arrive at the distributor so you know that it is getting close.

The absolute latest ETA for any item can be found in the 'Product details' tab on each product page. Dates are checked on a daily basis so this is the latest date we have.

My Item is delayed / Released early, what now?

The plan is a fixed plan based on the estimated release date of the item at time of adding to the store. If an item is delayed we are unable to extend the plan. If the item releases early, we will keep the item safe for you while you continue with your plan. We will not chase you for early payments. If you want to pay early to get the item shipped, use the 'Pay' button on your summary page to do so.

I have a habit of forgetting things. Will you remind me please when a payment is due?

You will receive an e-mail reminder 3 days before a payment is going to be taken. As payments are taken automatically from the registered payment card used for the order, there is nothing to remember.

Can I monitor my payments and partial payment orders?

Yes, absolutely. Go to My Account -> My Partial Payments to view your partial payment summary page as shown below.


You will now be presented with a summary of your partial payment schedule.

(as displayed in the example below)

Click 'Order with an obligation to buy' to proceed

You will now add your card payment details and click 'subscribe'  to make your initial deposit payment and set up the partial payment schedule. 

Your card details are stored with Stripe (The payment processor) and not locally on the store so are completely secure.

(As the example below shows. You again get a summary of the payments)

*The coupon is a system generated discount to adjust the initial payment to the value of the deposit. It's not a bonus discount for the order... sorry!

That is it. Your order is placed and each month your partial payment will be taken automatically. Once the payments are all made and the item releases and distributes, we'll ship the item(s) to you.

Your Partial Payments Summary page.

Each of your partial payments will be listed. From here you can see.

1. - Simple order number and if you prefer, the more complicated order number!

2. - The date you placed the order.

3. What you ordered.

4. How much you paid as a deposit.

5. how many and how much the monthly payment is.

6. Total cost of the order.

7. How much you have paid towards the order so far (Will change each time you make a payment)

8. You can change the date the payment is to be taken. If you ordered on the 16th but prefer money to be taken on the 2nd of each month - use this to choose '2' - Please be aware - You can only change this date once.

You can always use the 'Pay' button in section 9 to pay on your preferred day instead manually.

9. Shows when your next payment will be taken automatically. If you want to make the payment early, click the 'Pay' button. The payment will be taken straight away , you can do this whenever or as often as you like if you want to keep paying until the order is paid in full.

10. This is your payment history for the order and will update as you make payments.

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