How to display your collection

We get asked often about how to display statues and figures.

The solution is actually pretty easy and is used often by collectors.


These are the most popular options used by collectors with as many options as we could think of. Prices are correct at time of writing (July 2021) and clicking the images will take you to the Ikea store item page. If the link is changed by Ikea, you have the name to search manually.

We are absolutely nothing to do with Ikea, We earn nothing from Ikea and as such, please direct any stock questions or more technical related questions or building questions towards IKEA directly :)

We use both of these units quite a lot at home and in the store so if you have other questions, please send us an e-mail and we will try to answer for you.

If/As we get asked questions. We will update this page with an FAQ and other solutions as we find them or answer them.

Ikea do 2 different storage options for a home that are perfect for your collections.

Detolf : A glass cabinet solution perfect for smaller statues and action figures.

At the time of writing £60 : You can go directly to Detolf here. 

Alternatively just search for Detolf on the Ikea website directly.

Weight Restriction. : Ikea list that each shelf can hold about 13 lb (5.89Kg) 

At the time of writing, only White was visible for ordering but Dark Brown has been an option in the past.


Generally used by Statue Collectors but as this unit has many shelf options there would also be no reason why you could not use it for smaller collectibles and action figures also.

Besta is a cube based layout option. The frames are 1, 2 or 3 cubes and can be bought vertical or horizontal.

Each cube measures 64 (H) x 60 (W) x 40 (D) cm.  - Allowing for frame width, the internal dimensions of the cube are slightly smaller.

A typical Sideshow Premium Format will fit in a cube. If you collect something larger that does not fit, then using a single or double cube and placing your larger statue on top of them is a possible solution which still leaves you a cube or 2 for other statues.

The single 'Cube' Frame.

At the time of writing costs £20

Dimensions: 60*40*64 cm

Ideas on use.

Add a shelf to split the cube in half for smaller statues / collectibles of about 30cm height.

Add a glass door.

Add Lighting.

Available in 4 colours : white , White stained oak, Oak & Black-Brown

The 2 'Cube' Frame.

At the time of writing costs £30

Dimensions: 60*40*128 cm

Ideas on use.

To make it a 2 cube, you will need to add 1 x shelf to split the fame in half.

You can position the shelf at any height and not just directly in the middle. Remember though, if you are going to add the doors, the doors are a fixed size and so having the shelf anywhere but the middle will mean the shelf height will not match the door frames which might mean things look a little weird from the outside with the shelf showing in the glass door..

Available in 4 colours : white , White stained oak, Oak & Black-Brown

the 3 'Cube' Frame.

At the time of writing costs £40

Dimensions: 60*40*192 cm

Ideas on use.

You will need to add 2 x shelves to this frame to make it 3 cubes.

You will need a total of 3 doors if you plan to buy doors.

Same again with this frame if you plan to use doors, anything other than 3 evenly spaced shelves that match the door height will look a little odd from the outside as the shelf will not align with the door frame.

Available in 4 colours : white , White stained oak, Oak & Black-Brown

Shelf to fit your Besta. Comes in 4 colours to match the frame or mix and match to contrast the frame.

At the time of writing, the shelf costs £5

You can also buy a half depth shelf which would allow you to have maybe a taller statue at the front of the cube and use the half depth behind the statue for other items.

Glass top.

These come in 3 sizes and sit on the top of your unit. If you are using a 1 cube or 2 cube height unit then this is perfect to add a little gloss to the top rather than the frame wood. If you were for example using 3 x 2 cube high units all stood next to each other, you could  buy the 180*40 glass to run run along the top of all 3 units.

Size: 60*40 cm - £10

size: 120*40 - £15

Size: 180*40 - £25



VAXMYRA LED spotlight £9 (2 pack)

LED lighting produces no heat so you will not cause any damage to your collectibles / statues

Some images showing how everything works together.

Putting it all together. This is 3 x 3 cube high frames in white with the brown-black Glassvik doors and the LED lighting shown above. The shelves are the full depth shelves again shown above.

This cube has the half depth shelf (When you go to the Ikea full depth shelf page you will see the half depth in the 'similar items' list. It allows taller statues at the front and shorter statues at the rear on the half depth shelf.

All filled. 2 cubes also using the half depth shelves. The larger statues (Snowtrooper, Court of the dead Queen, Catwoman etc are all Sideshow premium format size and as you can see, fit perfectly.

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