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About the owner.

Hi there, I am Steve Stanley the owner of Statuesque Ltd. I would like to welcome you to Statuesque.

I have been collecting personally for 10 years,  I am active on many of the community forums, fan sites and groups on the web. For seasoned collectors you will already appreciate how great this hobbies community is, for those starting out you have it all to look forward to.

My decision to start Statuesque Ltd and provide these wonderful pieces as a business is born from a combination of my love of the hobby [collecting these statues is addictive] and my enjoyment of the community. I should maybe add an apology here and now to every manufacturer for my constant posts about the desperate need for 1/4 scale Rocky Horror Picture show statues. Everyone's shelf needs some Rocky Horror loving!

I come from a background of 25 years customer care and support which includes 10 years with Blizzard Entertainment so yes, I can geek out with the best of them and no, I don't have a box of game time cards to give you :P

My loves in life are [in no particular order] my dog George II who is a Jagd terrier, My better half Ana who would not allow her picture to be posted here!, my statue collection and my car when it isn't breaking down on me!. My favourite statue would be my 2007 Orc Wolf rider statue. It has a lot of sentimental history attached to it, shame it's an Orc though as I always play Alliance. I just imagine that he's running away from a crushing defeat ... For the Alliance!    


About Statuesque.

Opened it's virtual doors : March 2015

We are an online only retailer with a focus on providing a great online experience for everyone who buys from us.

An online only retail experience does not have to mean that you simply hand over your money and wait for a box to arrive. Being a smaller family business does mean we are more personal in our approach. Sure we want you to buy things from us but we receive countless contacts from customers who just want to contact about future releases, things they are excited about buying, things they missed out on and have started the search to find. Our digital door is always open, we're always happy to chat and answer any questions you might have. I positively encourage you to chat, it gets quiet here when burning the midnight oil.

The items on the store have been picked because of one thing, we like them and would be happy to have them on the shelf at home. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and so we are really happy to receive requests for items not in the store, something you want to see on YOUR shelf at home. If the suppliers have them in stock then I will let you know of the price and make it available for purchase for you.

Why use us?

  • You expect and deserve great service?
  • you want to be looked after, kept informed and receive swift replies to your contact?
  • You want to pay a fair price and hopefully save some money?
  • You want to be able to buy your statues with the least amount of stress to both your wallet and your aged bank manager?

Ok, we know you answered yes to everything above except the aged bank manager,

to tell you the truth, we actually don't care about the aged bank manager :)

I hope you enjoy shopping with us and please do feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or problems so we can help you out.


Company Information

Statuesque Limited

Registered Office:

Paradise Road



 LL34 6AS

 Registered number: 9479027

Contact Details: Admin@statuesqueltd.co.uk

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