Some might call it a reward system, some might call it a loyalty system

We want it to be a THANKYOU to you for choosing us.

How does it work?

Every completed order that is delivered to you will add points to your Thankyou wallet.

Points gained can be used towards future purchases.

Points cannot be transferred in to cash. If you use your points on an order and then cancel that order, the points will be lost and cannot be returned.

Unfortunately with the new partial payment system , points cannot be used towards a monthly partial payment. This is because partial payments are now taken automatically each month.

When do I get them?

When your order is marked as delivered, you will get your thankyou points added automatically to your account for spending

How many do I get?

You will receive 1 point for every £1 spent.

If your order comes to £300.00 then you will receive 300 points.

300 points will have a value of £3

I have available points, how do I get them?

At the bottom of the points display there is a button to convert your points in to a voucher. The voucher that is created will show up for use during checkout when you buy something.

On some browsers the button is not very clear. Look for the text and click.

Transform my points into a voucher of £x.xx

Where can I see my points?

Log in to your account. Click My account -> My loyalty points or click HERE

How long do I get before I have to use them?

The points will be valid for year. Your points summary page will list the date you converted them in to a voucher and then the expiry date. You will also be able to see the voucher code. You will enter this code manually ( Should it not pop up automatically for you ) as you check out to allow use of the voucher.

We will honour points earned prior to 01.03.2022. Points earned beyond this date will expire after a year so please spend them.

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