Terror of Mechagodzilla Defo-Real Series PVC Statue Titanosaurus 17 cm X-Plus - 1
From the movie Terror of Mechagodzilla released in 1975 comes the Terrifying Dragon Titanosaurus, now in Defo Real form! The vibrant red,black and yellow body colors, the powerful wind-generating tail fin, and the slender, twisting antenna have all been faithfully reproduced in a deformed yet detailed design! The dorsal and tail fins are molded with...
Godzilla vs. Kong 2021 TOHO Large Kaiju Series PVC Statue Kong 27 cm X-Plus - 2
From the Toho Daikaiju series comes Kong from Godzilla vs. Kong, the hit movie released in 2021! Kong, the guardian deity who fought in the ultimate showdown with Godzilla, finally appears in the Toho Daikaiju series! Kong is posed with his Battle Axe, a stance that emphasizes the fine details of his fearless expression and thick fur that covers his...
Wonders of the Wild Statue Concavenator 25 cm X-Plus - 1
The Concavenator or Concaventor corcovatus was recently discovered in Europe and is the most complete fossil of a mid-size theropod ever found. This 6-meter-long carnivore is the only known dinosaur to have a hump, and there is evidence that it had feathers.This polyresin statue of the Concavenator is 32 cm long and 25 cm tall. It has been sculpted by...
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