Ultraman (license)

Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle Action Figure 1/6 Ultraman Zero by Akinori Takaki 35 cm ThreeZero - 1
Features:- Approximately 34.6cm (13.6") tall- Fully-articulated figure with over 52 points of articulation- Interchangeable hands x 5 pairs (1 pair of opened hands, 1 pair of hands for holding weapons, 1 pair of fists, and 2 pairs of posed hands)- One pair of detachable "Zero Sluggers" on the head (which can be attached to the chest via magnets for "Zero...
Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial Action Figure 1/6 Dark Baltan by Ryu Oyama 34 cm ThreeZero - 1
Features:- Redesign and original sculpt by Ryu Oyama- Approximately 34cm (13.5") tall- Fully-articulated figure with over 87 points of articulation- Interchangeable faces and jaws x 2 sets (standard Belial head and Kaiser Belial head)- Interchangeable hands x 3 pairs (opened hands in fixed pose for standard Belial x 1 pair, weapon-holding hands in fixed...
Shin Ultraman FigZero S Action Figure Ultraman 15 cm ThreeZero - 1
FigZero S 6 inch Ultraman (SHIN ULTRAMAN) is a fully-articulated figure with 30 points of articulations. It is constructed of ABS, POM and PVC, and includes 4 pairs of interchangeable hands (1 pair of fists, 1 pair of relaxed hands, 2 pairs of posed hands).[What is FigZero S]FigZero S is a new series of articulated figures capturing the highly-poseable...
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