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Tygra is one of the older, more experienced ThunderCats. He is head of the ThunderCat council and next in line for the title of "Lord of the ThunderCats" in the event of Lion-O's demise. A trained architect, he designed Cats Lair, and many of the other structures built by the team. He is also a scientist and a chemist. He possesses special mind powers, allowing him to conjure up illusions and make others believe that something is happening. Using the power requires a great deal of advanced preparation and it drains him. Because of that, he rarely uses it.

Tygra goes through the most changes in his age. He is aged into an old man in the Cave of Time on Third Earth. He is later dropped into the Canyon of Youth on New Thundera twice. He also fell victim to the addictive fruit produced by Silky (Mumm-Ra in disguise) and the addictive power of the Keystone as well as become hypnotized by the Vampire Mermaid.

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