Terminator T-1000 Art Mask 44 cm Pure Arts - 1
Featuring a liquid molecular brain, the ability to shape-change and mimic objects and beings of similar size, Skynet’s T-1000 is the ultimate killing machine. Portrayed by the iconic Robert Patrick, PureArts brings the T-1000 to life in our 1:1 scale Art Mask series!PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: - Base can be desk or wall mounted - Electro-plated chrome details -...
Terminator Statue 1/2 T-800 117 cm Prime 1 Studio - 2

Terminator Statue 1/2 T-800 117 cm

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the second piece of High Definition Museum Masterline Black Label Line, the 1/2 Scale T-800 Terminator Statue from The Terminator Film.Specifications:- Size approximately 117 x 48 x 73 cm- One (1) specially designed theme base- One (1) removeable Sunglasses- LED light-up function on Silicone Portrait
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