Space 1999

Space 1999 Bringers Of Wonder Die-Cast 1/72 Sixteen 12 - 1
Sixteen12 have been asked by collectors over the years to add some of the iconic sets and craft from this classic show to their 1/72 Scale Episode Collection.Well, it doesn’t come any more spectacular or iconic than the NUCLEAR WASTE DOME scenes depicted in this classic season two story!This set is HUGE and will be an amazing companion piece to all...
Space 1999 Commander John Koenig 1/6 Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
BIG Chief Studios present the first in a series of collector figures based on the characters from Gerry Anderson’s classic series Space 1999. From the stunningly life-like sculpt of Commander John Koenig to the expertly tailored uniform and faithfully replicated props in miniature, What’s in the box Commander John Koenig Portrait Head featuring a...
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