Scarlet Witch

823 POP! Scarlet Witch (Darkhold) FUNKO - 1
Marvel Comics

823 POP! Scarlet Witch (Darkhold)

The Pop! Vinyl figure comes in a displayable window box! It stands approx. 9 cm tall. Production Status: Standard Reference #: 823 Released: Dec 2020 UK POP! Postage £3.50 (1) 4.95(2) 9.00 (3+) added at checkout. Larger box POP! count as (2)
WandaVision Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Scarlet Witch 66 cm Iron Studios - 1
Above the floor of her house that was created involuntarily with the powers of manipulation of reality through her Chaos Magic, the beautiful and powerful red-black figure floats with a red energy field of her psionic powers, flowing in her rear and descending to the ground remodeling the scene, finally fulfilling the myth of the prophecy marked in the...
WandaVision Art Scale Statue 1/10 Wanda Halloween Version 23 cm Iron Studios - 1
Played by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe, Wanda and her brother were guinea pigs for the terrorist organization Hidra. They were used in experiments with terrigenous mist, a mutagenic substance from the Kree aliens. Blaming the Avengers for the destruction and death of their family in a disastrous mission in Sokovia, their home...
WandaVision Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Scarlet Witch 24 cm Iron Studios - 1
In the Marvel Cinematographic Universe, Wanda is played by actress Elizabeth Olsen. The character and her brother were made guinea pigs by the terrorist organization Hidra. Blaming the Avengers for the destruction and death of their family, in a disastrous mission in Sokovia, their home country, they allied with the robot Ultron. After discovering the...
Marvel Premium Format Statue Scarlet Witch 74 cm Sideshow Collectibles - 1
The Scarlet Witch Premium Format Figure measures 29" tall as the heroine uses her chaos magic powers to tear apart the mechanical menace of Ultron. Held aloft over a base of swirling pink energy and destroyed Ultron parts, Inspired by her classic appearance in Marvel Comics, the polyresin Scarlet Witch Premium Format Figure features a fully sculpted red...
WandaVision Action Figure 1/6 The Scarlet Witch 28 cm Hot Toys - 1
"This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch." - Agatha HarknessTrying to get to the bottom of Wanda Maximoff's powers, Agatha takes Wanda off on a trip down memory lane reliving the past memories. Forced to go along with Agatha's plan, Wanda unleashes her abilities to protect her loved ones, meanwhile gains a greater understanding...
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