Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders Art Scale Statue 1/10 Arthur Shelby 22 cm Iron Studios - 2
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With firm steps and eyes focused on his objective, the moody gangster walks over the rustic and dirty floor of some hangar in England at the height of the Industrial Revolution, next to a crate with his family company name on it, with a horseshoe on top referencing the horse racing that is part of their business, he prepares himself to draw his gun...
Peaky Blinders Art Scale Statue 1/10 Thomas Shelby 22 cm Iron Studios - 1
Elegantly dressed in a black overcoat over a gray suit, the fearsome figure of the gangster leader from a powerful criminal organization walks over a rustic pedestal, that refers to the dirty streets of the British city of Birmingham in the 1920s, with the floor filled with coal and flames, surrounded by old bricks and displaying the series' logo on the...
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