My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia ARTFXJ Statue 1/8 Izuku Midoriya Ver. 2 Bonus Edition 29 cm Kotobukiya - 1
Izuku Midoriya in his latest hero costume is coming out as a figure!From the popular anime series, My Hero Academia, the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, rejoins the ARTFX J line with a brand new look!The pose captures Izuku just about to fire his Shoot Style move in mid-motion.Additional effect parts of his One For All Quirk are included to create an even...
My Hero Academia ARTFXJ Statue 1/8 Hawks Bonus Edition 42 cm Kotobukiya - 1
From the hit anime series My Hero Academia, the Wing Hero "Hawks" is joining Kotobukiya's scale figure lineup!Hawks is portrayed in the moment as he is facing off against a villain.The statue's action-packed posing shows the hero ready to use his wings as swords.Be sure to also take notice of the detailed and dynamic sculpting of his two wings.Add this...
My Hero Academia Konekore PVC Statue 1/8 Tsuyu Asui Uniform Ver. 18 cm Bellfine - 1
From the KONEKORE series, "Tsuyu Asui", classmate to the "My Hero Academia" main character "Izuku Midoriya", is here!Tsuyu's cheerful trip to school in her uniform has been depicted.Please note Tsuyu's stance as she races to school with her hair fluttering behind her.You can connect each "My Hero Academia" figure using the common standand enjoy your...
My Hero Academia Statue Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki 69 cm Prime 1 Studio - 1
Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce our premiere diorama of one of the most popular Japanese anime franchises - My Hero Academia! The diorama features three of UA Class 1-A's most promising students: Izuku Midoriya: Deku, Katsuki Bakugo: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight and Shoto Todoroki: Shoto.Our intricately-detailed statue showcases budding...
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