Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Marvel Comics Light-Up Q-Fig Figure Star Lord 16 cm Quantum Mechanix - 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Marvel Comics Light-Up Q-Fig Figure Star Lord...

Quantum Mechanix
The plume of exhaust from this Marvel superhero's jetpack glows orange as it lights up (batteries included) in this Q-Fig FX diorama. The half-human, half-Celestial also known as Peter Quill wears a special mask that enables him to survive in outer space. He's heavily armed and spoilling for a fight!
Sideshow Guardians of the Galaxy Premium Format Figure Rocket Raccoon 25 cm SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES - 1
Marvel Comics

Sideshow Guardians of the Galaxy Premium Format...

There isnt much that were going to say that could make a heavy weapon wielding, smart mouthed, master tactician who just so happens to be a genetically modified and altered raccoon any cooler than he is already is. So, without further ado, Sideshow presents our Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure.Standing at an impressive such and such inches tall....
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