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H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos Statue Great Race of Yith 23 cm GECCO - 1
The huge cone-shaped body is a textural fusion of organic plants and reptile anatomy, covered with highly detailed scales sculpted to perfection! The four thick tentacles projecting from the apex of the cone allow the creature to taste its environment and gather crucial information. The creature's intelligence and capacity for gathering information are as...
Metal Gear Survive Statue 1/6 Wanderer 32 cm GECCO - 1
Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Survive Statue 1/6 Wanderer 32 cm

The finely sculpted crystals peppered all over his body present a stark contrast to the beautiful stoic muscles of his former human self. A true highlight of this statue.Great care was taken in deciding the pose from every angle capturing the eerie atmosphere and feature of the character, a nod to his name. The large crystal on his head, the most...
Dark Souls Statue 1/6 Kurokishi The Black Knight 41 cm by Gecco GECCO - 2
We are pleased to announce Gecco's latest statue line from the mega hit action RPG "Dark Souls" This PVC Statue stands 41 cm tall and comes with LED light up function on eyes. Ships in a window box packaging.
Gantz:O PVC Statue 1/6 Reika 30 cm by Gecco GECCO - 1
The detailed platform is based on the Ebisubashi bridge in Osaka, which was home to the bloody battle field of GANTZ:O. Enjoy the unique harmony between the combination of traditional and digital sculpture in this high end collectible statue.The PVC Statue stands approx. 30 cm tall and comes with display base in a printed box.
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Statue 1/6 Venom Snake Play Demo Version 32 cm - Gecco GECCO - 1
Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Statue 1/6...

This statue highlights both his relaxed posture with Phantom Cigar in one hand and a super tense atmosphere with his sharp eye always watching out for enemies. Optional parts: Stun Arm, Hand of Jehuty, Bionic Arm, Display base It stands approx. 32 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.
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