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Star Trek The Next Generation Replica 1/1 Type-1 Cricket Phaser 17 x 8 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
The replica has a variety of electronic light and sound features designed to simulate the special effects seen on screen, including both effects featured in the hero props and effects added in post-production, as well as a 'Crusher' mode effect seen only in the episode 'The Game.'Each numbered, limited edition, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden...
Star Trek The Next Generation Replica 1/1 Medical Set 16 x 8 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
This 1:1 scale set replicates two iconic props used by 24th century physicians in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It consists of a Hypospray (with interchangeable vials) and a Hand Scanner. Both feature electronic light and/or sound effects and are crafted with heavy diecast metal bodies. Each numbered limited edition museum quality replica set comes with...
No Time to Die Prop Replica 1/1 Safin Mask Limited Edition Fragmented Version 18 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
This replica has been cast in heavyweight resin to create a durable display item and incorporates cord fittings as seen on the original prop.To securely display this collectible, the mask features concealed rare-earth magnets embedded inside the material of the mask, allowing it to connect to the included wooden stand, which also features magnets, with...
Wonder Woman 1984 Replica 1/1 Golden Armor Helmet FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
Factory Entertainment is thrilled to announce the latest entry in its ever expanding line of high-end collectible prop replicas, Wonder Woman's Golden Armor Helmet, as featured in the upcoming DC / Warner Bros. motion picture Wonder Woman 1984.Copied directly from the original prop with exacting attention to detail, this stunning full-scale replica...
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