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Game of Thrones 1/1 Prop Replica The Royal Crown Of Queen Sansa Stark Limited Edition 25 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
"I'm Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home, and you can't frighten me."- Sansa Stark, Queen In The NorthSansa ruled Winterfell with a tiara dainty in appearance, but heavy in symbolism, The Royal Crown Of Queen Sansa Stark Limited Edition Prop Replica.Factory Entertainment's development team was able to accurately replicate the crown by carefully...
Star Trek: First Contact Replica 1/1 Borg Queen Skull Signature Edition 89 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
The main body of the replica is cast from heavyweight polyurethane resin with an electroplated chrome finish. The replica is augmented by various plastic and rubber parts to match the original prop and features an articulated spinal cord. On screen the prop was presented as being heavily damaged by corrosive plasma, so each replica has been hand-weathered...
Star Trek The Next Generation Replica 1/1 Type-1 Cricket Phaser 17 x 8 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
The replica has a variety of electronic light and sound features designed to simulate the special effects seen on screen, including both effects featured in the hero props and effects added in post-production, as well as a 'Crusher' mode effect seen only in the episode 'The Game.'Each numbered, limited edition, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden...
Star Trek The Next Generation Replica 1/1 Medical Set 16 x 8 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
This 1:1 scale set replicates two iconic props used by 24th century physicians in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It consists of a Hypospray (with interchangeable vials) and a Hand Scanner. Both feature electronic light and/or sound effects and are crafted with heavy diecast metal bodies. Each numbered limited edition museum quality replica set comes with...
No Time to Die Prop Replica 1/1 Safin Mask Limited Edition Fragmented Version 18 cm FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT - 1
This replica has been cast in heavyweight resin to create a durable display item and incorporates cord fittings as seen on the original prop.To securely display this collectible, the mask features concealed rare-earth magnets embedded inside the material of the mask, allowing it to connect to the included wooden stand, which also features magnets, with...
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