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Dune (2021) PVC Statue Gurney Halleck 24 cm DARK HORSE COMICS - 1
Warmaster for House Atreides, Gurney Halleck is a warrior, a poet and a teacher who has mentored Paul Atreides from a young age. Bearing the scars of bad blood between his people and the formidable House Harkonnen, Gurney's courage has won the day on many battlefields.
Dune (2021) PVC Statue Glossu Rabban 25 cm DARK HORSE COMICS - 1
A ferocious fighter driven by brute force and explosive rage, Glossu Rabban has earned his nickname "The Beast." As loyal nephew and chief enforcer to Baron Harkonnen, Rabban rules through fear and domination, wielding an inkvine whip that leaves few survivors.
The Witcher PVC Statue Yennefer 20 cm DARK HORSE COMICS - 1
The breathtakingly beautiful and powerful sorceress, Yennefer of Vengerberg, wasn't always as she appears. In season 1 Yennefer goes on a massive adventure of magic and intrigue as she searches for her true place in the world and tries to attain all that she desires. This figure showcases her indomitable will and deadly cunning she displays during her...
The Last of Us Part II PVC Statue Ellie with Bow 20 cm DARK HORSE COMICS - 1
In preparation for her relentless pursuit of vengeance in the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog and Dark Horse are proud to present this upcoming Ellie figure. Standing at 8" tall and featuring Ellie with her bow at the ready, this stunning figure was sculpted by the artists at Naughty Dog, and prototyped and painted by Gentle...
Game of Thrones PVC Statue Jon Snow Battle of the Bastards 20 cm DARK HORSE COMICS - 1
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Arguably Jon Snow's most grueling and bloody combat yet would be the Battle of the Bastards, where he faced off against the sadistic Ramsey Bolton. Armed with his legendary sword, Longclaw, he dove headfirst into the fight.Jon Snow's fierce stance has been magnificently captured in this hand-painted 20 cm tall figure. The PVC statue comes in a window...
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