Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Statue 1/6 Seladon the Lore 28 cm Weta Collectibles - 1
Beneath her mother the All-Maudra’s throne, the Gelfling Princess Brea discovers a secret chamber. In the mysterious shadows, the young princess awakens a being unlike anything she has ever encountered or heard of. Before her eyes, an innocuous pile of stones coalesces to form a towering creature. Advancing upon her, it extends a long talon of rock...
The Dark Crystal Statue 1/6 Jen the Gelfling 22 cm Weta Collectibles - 1
In a shrouded valley, lost to time, a Gelfling boy is nurtured and taught by the wise Mystics.Product features:- 1:6 scale;- Portrays the last of the Gelfling, the Mystic-raised hero.- Clay sculpted by Brigitte Wuest;- Sculpted from photos of the original puppet from The Dark Crystal (1982);- Clutching a shard of the Dark Crystal;- Base shape that fits...
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Statue 1/6 SkekTek The Hunter Skeksis 40 cm Weta Collectibles - 1
urVa's counterpart is the most feared Skeksis of all, the ferocious Hunter. skekMal is a relentless, predatory warrior that even other Skeksis hold in awe. Although the Archer's senses are as keen and his marksmanship unmatched, he lets his arrows fly not to kill, but to steer the course of destiny. His bravery is that of one who fights not to preserve...
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Statue 1/6 Rian The Gefling 16 cm Weta Collectibles - 1
From the upcoming Netflix TV Series "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" comes this beautiful polystone Statue. Dimensions: 12,5 x 16,5 x 15 cm
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