Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring Prop Replica 1/1 Annabelle Doll 102 cm Trick or Treat Studios - 5
Trick or Treat Studios

The Conjuring Prop Replica 1/1 Annabelle Doll...

Trick or Treat Studios
Trick or Treat Studios and Warner Bros are proud to present the Officially Licensed The Conjuring - One to One Scale Annabelle Doll.This amazing prop was sculpted by Mark Anthony, the absolute King of replica movie props and owner of The Scary Closet.Every detail of the screen used Annabelle Doll is represented in this prop.The Doll stands 102 cm tall and...
The Curse of La Llorona Mega Scale Talking Action Figure La Llorona 38 cm Mezco - 1

The Curse of La Llorona Mega Scale Talking...

"We are facing an evil...that has no bounds..."The MDS Mega Scale La Llorona with Sound stands at a forbidding 38 cm tall and features 11 points of articulation. Depress the button discretely hidden on her back to activate sound. The Weeping Woman wears her infamous white gown with black, curly hair peaking out from her veil. She cries black tears as she...
The Nun Statue The Nun 34 cm Sideshow Collectibles - 6
Conjuring Universe

The Nun Statue The Nun 34 cm

Sideshow Collectibles
The Nun has a highly detailed habit with its tunic, scapular, and cowl all meticulously sculpted to capture the movement and flow of holy fabric as this hellish entity menaces the corridors of the Romanian abbey. Its detailed, solemn portrait has ghastly pale skin and piercing, demonic yellow eyes that stare directly into your very soul. The Nun Statue...
The Conjuring 2 Action Figure 1/6 The Nun 30 cm by QmX Quantum Mechanix - 1
Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring 2 Action Figure 1/6 The Nun 30 cm...

Quantum Mechanix
At 30 cm tall this collectible figure has over 36 points of articulation and features two different heads - one with her scary "I'm going to get you" stare and another head in "attack" mode with her wide-open mouth revealing terrifying fangs.Her nun's habit and veil are authentically reproduced as seen in the movies and she wears a silver cross. Also...
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