World of Warcraft Bust 1/3 Sylvanas Windrunner 37 cm INFINITY STUDIO - 1
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Infinity Studio and Blizzard are honored to present our latest creation from world-famous franchise : 1/3 Scale Sylvanas Windrunner Bust! The head sculpt was refined to bring the dignity of "the Banshee Queen" as well as an ultimate likeness, dedicate carved armor with extremely realistic texture were reflected by detailed painting, the amazing reliefs on...
Star Wars Rogue One Bust 1/6 Cassian Andor 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
Mission accomplished! The star of an upcoming Disney+ TV series, Captain Cassian Andor helped deliver Death Star plans to the Rebellion, and now Gentle Giant Ltd. is delivering him, as an all-new mini-bust! Based on his appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One and measuring approximately 6 inches tall, this 1/6 scale bust features detailed sculpting and paint...
Star Wars Rebels Bust 1/6 Ezra Bridger 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
The newest member of the Ghost crew, Jedi-in-training Ezra Bridger wields his green lightsaber in this newest mini-bust based on Star Wars: Rebels! Measuring approximately 6 inches tall, this 1/6 scale bust features detailed sculpting and paint applications and sits atop a pedestal base. Limited to only 2000 pieces, it comes packaged in a full-color box...
Marvel Bust Doctor Doom White Armor DCD 40th Anniversary Previews Exclusive 15 cm DIAMOND SELECT - 1
Call him Doom! Wearing his white robes as seen in the hit Marvel crossover Secret Wars, this approximately 6-inch mini-bust of Doom wields translucent blue energy as he prepares to cast a spell, or perhaps unleash a blast from his high-tech gauntlets. This bust of the Fantastic Four foe is limited to only 1000 pieces, and comes packaged with a...
Star Wars The Mandalorian Life Size Bust 85 cm Sideshow Collectibles - 1
The Mandalorian – Din Djarin Life-Size Bust measures 33.5” tall and 27” wide as he remains vigilant searching for his next target. With rotational articulation in the helmet, collectors can directionally change his focus for added storytelling in any display. His sleek silver armor and costume elements are fully sculpted, recreating his now-iconic...
Star Wars Rebels Bust 1/7 Sabine Wren 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
The Ghost crew's resident Mandalorian tagger is now the latest animated-style mini-bust from GG Ltd.! Standing approximately 6 inches tall, this 1/7 scale mini-bust features an interchangeable head and arms, so you can show her helmeted or unhelmeted, with her spray paint or a blaster! Limited to only 3000 pieces, it comes packaged with a numbered...
Star Wars Legends Episode IV Stormtrooper 1/2 Scale Bust 25 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
The Troopers are coming! Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, this 1/2 scale bust of a classic Stormtrooper, as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, is the ultimate addition to any Stormtrooper collection. Featuring digitally sculpted details, it painstakingly represents the iconic armor of the Empire's soldiers. Limited to only 1000 pieces, it comes...
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Bust 1/6 The Mandalorian with Grogu 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
A PREVIEWS Exclusive! With a blaster in one hand and Grogu in the other, the Mandalorian is ready to take on all opponents. Straight out of the Disney+ TV series, the Beskar-clad Din Djarin is fiercely protective of his small companion in this exclusive 1/6 scale, approximately 6" resin mini-bust. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it comes packaged in a full...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bust 1/6 Cad Bane 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
The cowboy of the Star Wars Universe is ready for his close-up! This 1/6 scale resin mini-bust takes a realistic take on the Clone Wars character, showing him wielding both of his pistols as he peers out from under the wide brim of his hat. This 6-inch bust comes packaged in a full-color box, and is limited to an edition of 3000. It comes packaged with...
Gargoyles Bust 1/7 Goliath 19 cm DIAMOND SELECT - 1

Gargoyles Bust 1/7 Goliath 19 cm

Soaring out of your childhood Saturday mornings, the Gargoyles have landed at Diamond Select Toys, with a new line of 1/7 scale mini-busts! Measuring approximately 7.5 inches tall and 9.75 inches wide, this bust of team leader Goliath is based on his cartoon appearance, and is limited to only 3,000 pieces. It comes packaged in a full-color box with a...
Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys The Batman life size bust 1/1 93 cm INFINITY STUDIO - 2
Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, becomes the underworld myth of Gotham and unleashes his wrath on every criminal in the city.For revenge, but also justice, as Batman himself said:"I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!"The DetailsBased on the official images provided we have done our best to recreate the design of the suit and the...
DC Comics The Joker and Harley Quinn Bust 38 cm Nemesis Now - 1
This deeply detailed bust is cast in high quality resin and hand painted . It measures 37,5 cm 
X-Men Marvel Animated Series Bust 1/7 Professor X 15 cm DIAMOND SELECT - 1
To me, my X-Men! The man who put the X in X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier, is now the newest 1/7 scale bust based on X-Men Animated Series! Captured using his telepathic powers from the comfort of his famous yellow hoverchair, Professor X measures approximately 6 inches tall and features cartoon-accurate paint applications. He is limited to only 3000...
Star Wars The Mandalorian Bust 1/6 Moff Gideon FCBD 2022 Exclusive 18 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
A Free Comic Book Day 2022 Exclusive! One of the best things to come out of The Mandalorian TV series on Disney+ is a great new villain to hate - Moff Gideon! Wielding the fabled Darksaber, this 1/6-scale mini-bust of the Imperial Remnant commander, measuring approximately 6-inches tall, features detailed sculpting and paint applications to recreate...
Star Wars Rebels Bust 2-Pack Hera & Chopper 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
Two more members of the Ghost crew have arrived, in the form of this all-new mini-bust two-pack! Pilot Hera and droid Chopper come together in one box, making this set doubly important for your Rebels (and Star Wars!) collection. Measuring approximately 6 inches and 4 inches, respectively, Hera and Chopper are sculpted in the animated style, and feature...
Batman Hush Bust 1/3 Batman Batcave Black Version 20 cm Prime 1 Studio - 1
Prime 1 Studio has heard the clamor of our dedicated fans and has worked tirelessly to release a Black and Gray version of the previous Batman: Hush Premium Bust. As any diehard Batman fans know, Batman is often portrayed as either wearing Blue and Gray or Black and Gray. This makes for a genuinely flexible product offering for the Caped Crusader!This...
Star Wars The Mandalorian Bust 1/6 Bo-Katan Kryze 17 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
For Mandalore! Mandalorian freedom fighter Bo Katan Kryze joins the 1/6 scale mini-bust line with this all-new release based on the second season of The Mandalorian! Wearing her famous helmet, Bo-Katan draws two pistols on an opponent (or two) in this approximately 6.5-inch mini-bust. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this detailed resin bust comes packaged...
Star Wars Rebels Bust 1/7 Sabine Wren 15 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
The Ghost's resident Mandalorian and the inspirational tagger of Star Wars: Rebels, Sabine Wren is the next animated character to join Gentle Giant Ltd.'s 1/6 scale bust line! Sculpted in a realistic style, with detailed sculpting and paint applications, it includes helmeted and unhelmeted heads, as well as four interchangeable arms. Limited to only...
The Dark Knight Rises Life-Size Bust Selina Kyle 73 cm INFINITY STUDIO - 1
"The Dark Knight Rises" Selina Kyle life size bust, reconstructed the Selina Kyle acted by Anne Hathaway with extremely high similarity. Neat haircut combined with classic tights, completely present a swift and charming Selina.Size: 73 x 84 x 36 cmLimited to 399 pieces worldwide!
Predator Bust 1/3 Jungle Hunter Predator Unmasked Version 37 cm Prime 1 Studio - 1
We have outfitted the Jungle Hunter Predator Bust, Unmasked Version with his grotesque unmasked look. Towards the end of the 1987 film, as the Jungle Hunter Predator hunted "Dutch" Schaefer into a corner, he took his Bio-Mask off to reveal his true form! Which prompted Dutch to say one of the movies MOST iconic lines: "You are one UGLY m$%&therf&#"!&ker!"...
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