Bo Katan

Star Wars The Mandalorian BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Bo-Katan 21 cm Iron Studios - 1
ETA: END 06/2022
Bo-Katan BDS Art Scale 1/10 - The Mandalorian - Iron Studios" statue. Inspired by her first appearance in the live-action, in a defensive position and ready for action, she wields her blaster pistols over a diorama base filled with elements such as ropes, a box, and a barrel, which allude to the vessel's deck in the waters of Trask, where she flies in...
Star Wars The Clone Wars Premier Collection 1/7 Bo Katan 28 cm GENTLE GIANT - 1
ETA: END 09/2021
For the glory of Mandalore! Mandalorian freedom   fighter Bo Katan blasts her way into the Premier Collection with this dynamic, customizable statue! Featuring interchangeable helmeted & unhelmeted heads, and alternate helmet-holding & gun-holding arms. Bo Katan engages her jetpack in this 1/7 scale, approximately 11" statue. Limited to only 3,000...
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