Yattaman Legend Anime Time Bokan Series Statue 1/4 Doronjo 38 cm Blitzway - 1
Introducing the statue of Doronjo, the charming villain of the popular anime television series, Yattaman.Although an anime character, Doronjo's elegance and charisma as a villain are reinterpreted from a modern perspective by the Blitzway R&D Team.The unique shape of the mask and costume, and the iconic cigarette holder held in one hand, have been...
Game of Thrones Statue 1/4 Jon Snow 60 cm Prime 1 Studio - 1
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Statue 1/4 Jon Snow 60 cm

This seated statue is wrapped in a fabric cape that is typical of his usual ensemble for the North. (And if he looks too hot to you, then feel free to remove the cape and set it aside for it has been designed to be removable!) His leather armor is replete with intricate detailing that Blitzway followed from show reference to a tee: from his quilted...
Voltron Carbotix Action Figure Voltron 38 cm Blitzway - 1
Product Specifications:- Non scale CARBOTIX Series Action Figure- Figure Size approximately 380 mm tall- Cover Functions of Lions' Legs (Voltron Mode)- LED Functions of Lions' Eyes- Designed Joints for Reproducing Various Movements of Anime.- Five (5) Figurines of Standing Voltron's Pilots- Details of Pilots seated in the Cockpits- One (1) Replaceable...
The Dark Knight Premium Bust The Joker 26 cm Prime 1 Studio - 5
Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway have combined our artistry, passion, and commitment to The Dark Knight series to bring you the most definitive Heath Ledger Joker on the market.An absolute grail piece for The Dark Knight and The Joker fans everywhere![Product Specifications]- Bust Size approx. 10 inches tall [H:26cm W:17cm D:14cm]- Highly detailed likeness &...
Bruce Lee Hybrid Type Superb Statue 1/4 Bruce Lee Tribute Ver. 4 57 cm Blitzway - 1
Blitzway presents the Bruce Lee Tribute Statue ver. 4, the new 1/4th scale Superb Scale Statue series. In this project, the Blitzway design & development team captures Bruce Lee's signature charisma, full of controlled power.This statue features Bruce Lee's highly realistic facial expression, his pose that looks like confronting the enemy, his rippling...
The Real Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4 Astronaut Apollo 11 : LM-5 A7L ver. 79 cm Blitzway - 1
The first moon landing by Apollo 11 and the first footstep ever imprinted on the surface of the moon. Blitzway introduces the Astronaut statue that captures this exact moment. In August 1969, there was a historic moment that more than half a billion people worldwide watched on their televisions, Blitzway strived to turn this unforgettable moment into a...
Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4 Elvis Aaron Presley 52 cm Blitzway - 1
Blitzway is honored to officially present a quarter-sized statue of Elvis Presley, who lives more than 40 years after his death as an eternal cultural hero as the first rock star in pop history and a giant in pop music history!In this project, we aimed to express the image of a loved superstar and the symbolic significance he has.As you can see, the...
Jimi Hendrix Action Figure 1/6 Jimi Hendrix 31 cm Blitzway - 1
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Features:Highly detailed likeness of Jimi Hendrix portraitCurly realistic dark brown hair transplantHighly detailed realistic equipment and accessoriesSophisticatedly Tailored and designed outfitsNewly designed and developed male body with over 30 points of articulationsApproximately 31 cm tall1 Right guitar grip hand2 Left guitar playing hands1 Right V...
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