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Captain Scarlet 1:6 scale Action Figure Captain Black Spectrum Edition Big Chief Studio - 2
BIG Chief Studios present the Captain Black Spectrum Edition Character Replica Figure. Featuring the most accurate character likenesses, authentically styled and tailored uniforms and faithfully replicated prop accessories. What's in the Box Fully realised character likeness of Captain Black with Optix Action Eyes Anatomix Male Body with Multiple...
Doctor Who 1:6 scale Action Figure 6th Doctor Colin Baker Big Chief Studio - 1
What's in the Box:- 1 x Sixth Doctor Portrait Head featuring authentic likeness of Colin Baker- 1 x Anatomix Male Body (Standard) with over 30 Points of Articulation- 1 x Finely tailored panelled frock coat with multiple fabrics and printed patterns- 1 x Dress shirt with gingham placket and cuff details- 1 x Polka dot cravat (neck tie)- 1 x Tailed waist...
Doctor Who K-9 Mk II Series 18 1:6 scale Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
K-9 was the robotic companion of Professor Marius. Created by the professor in the form of a dog, K-9 has numerous technological advancements including an extending laser weapon built into his nose, a sensory probe for eyes and rotating ear antennae. Gifted to the Fourth Doctor, K-9 proved to be a useful companion. Whether communicating with the TARDIS,...
Thunderbirds Alan Tracy 1/6 Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
Named after astronaut Alan B. Shephard, Alan Tracy was born on 12 March 2044 and is now twenty-one years old. Caring and deeply romantic, he has a love of motor-racing and was a champion racing-car driver prior to becoming the pilot of Thunderbird 3. BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Alan Tracy Character Replica Figure. Featuring the most...
Thunderbirds Lady Penelope 1/6 Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
Born on 24 December 2039, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is a twenty-six-year-old aristocrat. Craving danger, action and intrigue, after completing her education at finishing school in Switzerland, Lady Penelope rejected the aristocracy’s endless round of social engagements and became a secret agent. It was while working as the chief operative of the...
Thunderbirds John Tracy 1/6 Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
Born on 8 October 2040, twenty-five-year-old John Tracy was educated at Harvard and followed in his father’s footsteps to become an astronaut prior to his involvement with International Rescue. Named after astronaut John Glenn, he is an electronics expert with a degree in laser communication. BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the John Tracy...
Doctor Who 1:6 scale Action Figure 4th Doctor Tom Baker Big Chief Studio - 1
Ever curious while exploring time and space, the Fourth Doctor, along with his travelling companions Romana and K9, accidentally passed into the smaller universe of E-Space. During his travels they are joined by teenaged mathematical genius Adric. Whilst Romana and K9 stayed behind in E-Space, the Doctor and Adric departed for N-Space. Here they...
Space 1999 Commander John Koenig 1/6 Action Figure Big Chief Studio - 1
BIG Chief Studios present the first in a series of collector figures based on the characters from Gerry Anderson’s classic series Space 1999. From the stunningly life-like sculpt of Commander John Koenig to the expertly tailored uniform and faithfully replicated props in miniature, What’s in the box Commander John Koenig Portrait Head featuring a...
Dr. No Action Figure 1/6 James Bond Sean Connery Limited Edtion 30 cm Big Chief Studio - 1
James Bond is despatched to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow British agent. The trail leads 007 to the underground base of Dr. No, who is plotting to disrupt the American Project Mercury space launch with a radio beam weapon.BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Dr. No Sixth Scale Character Replica Figures. From the fully realised...
Flash Gordon Action Figure 1/6 Ming the Merciless 31 cm Big Chief Studio - 1
Details:- 1 x Ming the Merciless Portrait Head Featuring Authentic Likeness of Max Von Sydow- 1 x Anatomix Body with over 30 points of Articulation- 1 x Ceremonial Outer Robe with Detailed Embellishments- 1 x Inner Silk Effect Tunic Robe- 1 x Pair of Silk Effect Trousers (Pants)- 1 x Sculpted Collar- 1 x Pair of Red Dress Boots- 8 x Interchangeable Gloved...
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