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Monsters, Inc. Master Craft Statue James P. Sullivan & Mike Wazowski 34 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Product Size: 34 x 25,5 x 32 cm
Batman 1989 Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Batman 24 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
A cult classic, 1989 saw the unleashing of Tim Burton's 'Batman' to moviegoers who were until then only used to the camp 1960's television show. A new dark and otherworldly take on the character introduced fans to a new and broodier superhero. Played by the enigmatic Micheal Keaton, 1989's Batman brought to screen a troubled yet determined character that...
Batman 1989 Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 The Joker 21 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' proudly enters the world of Tim Burton's Batman with the release of a highly articulable DAH-032 Batman 1989 Joker. An action figure ready for the ultimate in posing possibilities with its 20 points of articulation, the Joker's diverse yet scary grin is on full display, with two replaceable head sculpts....
DC Comics Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Darkseid 23 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Beast Kingdom proudly introduces the DAH-062 Darkseid for collectors to display next to the many DAH Justice League characters that have been launched by the 'Entertainment Experience Brand'. With 20 points of highly articulable joints, the figure set comes with a host of accessories and Omega effects that will give the Justice League the ultimate...
Harry Potter Mini Egg Attack Figure Harry Potter (Quidditch Ver.) 8 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter's first movie outing, the 'Entertainment Experience Brand' from Beast Kingdom proudly presents a selection of 3-inch Mini Egg Attack figurines ready to please fans of the phenomenal series!Harry Potter Limited Edition (Quidditch Ver.) - The youngest Quidditch player in over a century, riding the 'Nimbus...
Game of Thrones Iron Throne Master Craft Statue 45 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' takes the challenge of bringing to life such an iconic and striking symbol with the release of the MC-045 Game Of Thrones iron Throne under the Master Craft range of hand-sculpted and painted master pieces. The level of detail on display for the unique spikes, barbs and swords is exceptional. Using aging...
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figures 1/9 Batman & Robin 16 - 21 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
DAH-044DX The Dark Knight Returns Batman & Robin:All included accessories from DAH-044 set in addition to:- Batman: Comic blue color with muscular body and around 20 points of articulation- Two (2) types of replacement head sculpts (regular eyes, frowning eyes)- Two (2) types of replacement mouths (normal, wounded)- Six (6) types of replacement hands...
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Robin 16 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
DAH-044 The Dark Knight Returns Robin:- New child sized DAH designed figure, with around 18 points of articulation- Two (2) types of replacement head sculpts (regular hairstyle, flowing hairstyle)- Two (2) detachable slingshots (regular, attack mode)- Three (3) types of replacement hands (fist, open, drawn slingshot)- Pair of goggles- Slingshot- Clothing...
Steamboat Willie Master Craft Statue Minnie 40 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Beast Kingdom proudly presents the latest Mastercraft statue, the MC-052 Minnie from Steamboat Willie. Manufactured with the highest focus on details, the Mastercraft series brings the very best the 'Entertainment Experience Brand' has to offer for collectors to enjoy. The hand-painted, and sculpted masterpiece recreates Minnie in all her black and white...
Avengers Endgame Master Craft Statue Nano Gauntlet 1/14000605 47 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Special Features:- Includes LED light-up function- Includes Micro USB cable x 1- USB Charger is not includedLimited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide.Make sure to order yours from an authorized outlet and take home a piece of movie magic!Size: 18 x 18 x 47 cm
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Life-Size Statue Baby Groot 32 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
So add this Baby Groot to your collection today and make sure he doesn't press the wrong button, otherwise we will all be in a little bit of trouble.Special Features:- Includes LED light-up function- Includes Micro USB cable x 1- USB charging head is not included.
Disney Classic Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Mickey Classic Version B&W Version 21 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
DAH-050SP Disney Mickey Classic VersionIncluded accessories:- Retro design, black and white Mickey Mouse- Two (2) replaceable faces (Smiling, Wide Laughter)- Four (4) types of replaceable hands- BK summer limited. Only 1000 PCS available
Star Wars Episode IV Egg Attack Action Figure 2-pack Dewback & Sandtrooper 9/15 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Features (Dewback):- Possesses 10 movable joints- The Dewback's saddle bags and accessories are carefully painted- Detailing on the Dewback's scales is painstakingly replicated- The Dewback is made of vinyl, giving it a lifelike appearanceFeatures (Sandtrooper):- Possesses 24 movable joints- Comes with orange captain?s epaulette- Comes with 3...
Stan Lee Master Craft Statue The King of Cameos 33 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Utilizing years of development experience, Master Craft is the ultimate in craftmanship! Using hand-made molds and painting techniques, Stan Lee is brought to life in his classic getup of white shirt, green sweater and khaki pants as well as his signature oversized glasses. Sitting on a throne fit for a king, Stan Lee is seen crossing his legs, in deep...
World Of Warcraft D-Stage PVC Diorama Sylvanas 16 cm BEAST KINGDOM - 1
Now, The Entertainment Experience brand, Beast Kingdom is excited to enter the famous worlds created by the gaming masters Blizzard with a new range of D-Stage dioramas. World Of Warcraft represents a new phase for character depictions in the world of video gaming, and Beast Kingdom couldn't be more proud to bring fans some of the most celebrated...
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