Alien 3D Wall Art Big Chap Head Trophy 58 cm Prime 1 Studio - 1

Alien 3D Wall Art Big Chap Head Trophy 58 cm

Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studio is proud to announce the second piece of their new line Wall Art Alien - 02: Alien Big Chap Head Trophy 3D Wall Art from the classic Alien 1979 Film. This 3D Wall Art sculpture, from the first installment in the Alien franchise directed by Ridley Scott, is mainly based on the movie itself. A new way to display your Alien 3D Wall Art in your...
Sideshow Collectibles Aliens Maquette Alien Queen 48 cm SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES - 1
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Sideshow Collectibles Aliens Maquette Alien...

Sideshow, in partnership with Legacy Effects, is proud to present the Alien Queen Maquette, inspired by the creature's unforgettable appearance in the film Aliens. Standing 48 cm tall, the Alien Queen stalks atop an intricate egg chamber base featuring Alien Eggs, Facehuggers, and two Alien Warriors all in standing scale with their Queen.
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